Have a question? See if these FAQs can answer it.

Where is Tommys?
Our address is 4204 Village Square, Whistler, BC (V0N 1B4), and you can find us on this map.
What are Tommys hours?
Normally, the party goes from 8pm-2am on Tuesday and 9pm-2am Wednesday to Saturday. But, on long weekends and special events, we’ll open on a Sunday or Monday to accommodate.
What is the dress code?
Smart casual. But, with any luck, we’ll all be wearing champagne by the end of the night.
How do I book a VIP table?
Just fill out this form and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.
Can I book out the entire nightclub for a private event?
Absolutely. For enquiries, give us a shout at info@tommyswhistler.com.
For a corporate booking, what are Tommys room specs?

Room Specs:
In the heart of Whistler Village, right on Whistler Cab Loop, Tommys offers 3000 sq. ft. of lounge-style high- and low-top seating, plus a private suite complete with bathroom and exclusive entry access for those who like to be discreet.

For information on our sound and light inventory, stage and DJ booth/equipment specs, or any additional info about our room specs, get in touch with us at info@tommyswhistler.com.
Do I need ID to get in?
Yes. All of our guests must be 19+ and need to provide two pieces of Valid Government ID, which we may scan for verification.
I left something at Tommys, what do I do?
Oops! Don’t worry, it happens. Shoot us an email at info@tommyswhistler.com and we’ll do our best to help you track it down.
Is there an ATM machine?
You bet there is, just to the left of the main bar. And if making it rain isn’t your style, we also accept Debit or Credit.
Can I take photos at Tommys?
Of course! How else would you remember how much fun we had? But, if you’re looking to do any filming or commercial photography, you’ll need permission first, so reach out to us at info@tommyswhistler.com.
Can I work at Tommys?
Maybe. We aren’t always hiring, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to make Tommys even more awesome, get in touch at info@tommyswhistler.com.
Can I visit Tommys every day?
Sure! As long as by “every day” you mean "every day from Tuesday to Saturday." Sundays and Mondays when we're feeling extra special.
Where can I find pictures from my night out at Tommys?
Great question. Feel free to Facebook stalk us, we don’t mind.